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Help 4 D Helpless
You can help
You can give hope
You can make a change
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Help for the Helpless Charity is a project of Evangelical Gospel Ministry (C & S Church) London

Help for the Helpless (H4H Project) is an operational charity  project set up to help those in need.


Our mission is simply to help, to give hope and to make a change in the lives of those in need of assistance in all spheres of life.


We try to bring massive difference to all kinds of people from all kinds of background. Ordinary people from around the world - many of whom have simply found themselves in underprivileged position in life.



We require assistance in any form that God has placed it in your heart to help.

It could be through donation of money, new or used clothes, shoes,  electrical items, electronics and computers etc.


All moneys and items received will be donated to good causes like the sick in hospitals,  old people’s homes, mental homes, orphanages and the homeless etc, here in the UK,  Africa and Worldwide.


Why not join the phenomenon now and help to give hope, make a change and make a difference to the lives of the needy. Remember every little helps.


Please give...

Please register here to join our mailing list and support a worthy cause.

As a non-profit volunteer driven organisation working tirelessly to help the needy we require corporate sponsorship to help us reach out and help a wider section of those in need.


The sponsorship can be as product donation, services, sponsorship of our programmes etc.


Government Departments, Corporations, Small and Medium Enterprises are welcome to be our corporate sponsor.


All Corporate sponsors will assume the status of Partnership with Help for the Helpless Project.


To  sponsor and become a Partner please click here.


H4H Project was established to raise funds for good .causes in the UK, Africa and Worldwide

The main goal of the H4H Project is to offer a helping hand to the poor and the needy, kids with special needs in schools, the sick and the mentally disabled in hospitals, the frail old people at various homes, and homeless people etc.
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